v Gulp, gobble, swallow whole Ted snarfed down the hamburger as though he hadn't eaten in a month. 1950s

Historical dictionary of American slang . 2014.

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  • Snarf — or SNARF can refer to:* A character in the cartoon ThunderCats who constantly says the word, Snarf at the end of a phrase. * Snarf, a character from the animated television series Trollz . * The main character from SnarfQuest , a comic that ran… …   Wikipedia

  • snarf — [snärf] vt. Slang to eat or ingest very quickly: often with down or up * * * snarf (snärf) tr.v. Slang snarfed, snarf·ing, snarfs To eat or drink rapidly or eagerly; devour …   Universalium

  • snarf — [sna:f US sna:rf] v also snarf down [T] AmE informal [Date: 1900 2000; Origin: Probably from the sound] to eat something quickly, especially in an untidy or noisy way ▪ workers snarfing lunch at their desks …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • snarf — [snärf] vt. Slang to eat or ingest very quickly: often with down or up …   English World dictionary

  • snarf — to take, grab, by 1989. Related: Snarfed; snarfing …   Etymology dictionary

  • snarf — 1. v. 1) To eat messily, noisily, and quickly; also, to have food come out of one s facial orifices. I snarfed my lunch because I only had ten minutes to eat. 2) To consume totally and in secret. Hey, Chris shouted, who snarfed all the biscuits?… …   Dictionary of american slang

  • snarf — verb a) To eat or consume greedily. , He snarfed a whole bag of chips in a couple of minutes! b) To take something by dubious means, but without the connotations of stealing; to take something without regard to etiquette. Freed from the usual… …   Wiktionary

  • snarf — verb make off with belongings of others • Syn: ↑pilfer, ↑cabbage, ↑purloin, ↑pinch, ↑abstract, ↑swipe, ↑hook, ↑sneak, ↑filch, ↑nobble, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • snarf — transitive verb Etymology: perhaps blend of 2snack and 5scarf Date: 1965 scoff III,1 < snarfed down some pizza > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Snarf — (v.) (computers) download a big file without gaining permission first …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • snarf — Australian Slang v (computers) download a big file without gaining permission first …   English dialects glossary

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